O'Brien Road & Bridge Maintenance Ltd.


In October 2018 O’Brien Road & Bridge Maintenance Ltd. (OBR) was awarded the Service Area 27 Highways Maintenance Contract for the Province of British Columbia.

OBR has proudly worked the contract on the North Coast since 1988, and to have it renewed again is a great honour. Service Area 27 encompasses QCI/Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, and the outlying areas of Oona River, Port Simpson, Alice Arm, Osland, Dodge Cove, Hunts Inlet and Klemtu.

Going forward OBR will continue to diligently provide high quality maintenance service to the entire Service Area, and place an emphasis on developing working relationships with the diverse stakeholders, communities and villages that embody Service Area 27.

Thanks for everyone’s support. We look forward to more award-winning years!

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